Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a awesome time we had this Christmas season! We started out the holiday with going to the Nutcracker Ballet. We were so close it seemed like we could touch the stage! The best part was Lee loved it and wants to make it a tradition. The following weekend we did our annual drive to life college and drove through the "lights" It was a Christmas extravaganza of lights. The kids had a blast getting out and roasting marshmallows in the big fire pit. Aidan would run up then run back. Lee took us down to Atlantic Station so the kids could see "snow" (does it count if it comes out of a machine?) It was fun. The tree was gigantic. The train brought a smile to the kids faces. Especially Gabriel, he loved the ride.

I will admit I am exhausted. But, it was worth it. Did I mention that baby Jesus came up missing from our nativity scene...DAILY. Everybody loves baby Jesus! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! It's all for you!